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ELE - 1110

Rs. 12000

Elegant Air Purifier

1. Seven stage air purification.
2. Real time air quality monitor with color display.
3. Automatic, Energy-efficient and Silent.
4. Three working modes and four level timers.
5. Multiple fans speed & sleep mode.
6. Touch screen panel & Remote control.
7. 360 degree Airflow.
8. Don’t take much space; you can place it anywhere, Home, Office, School or  Hospital.

· 11 min to circulate air once in the living room Enjoy better air even when resting on the sofa. Elegant Purifier quickly removes PM2.5 particles, dust from unclean air conditioners, germs, indoor plant pollen and pet hair. It even filters unpleasant smells that may waft through from time to time.

· Remove 99.97 formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, hydrogen sulfide, paint vapors, organic compounds and unpleasant smell.

· Effectively removes bacteria, viruses and germs.

· Increase brain oxygen, help breathe and sleep better.

Specifications : 
Voltage                                 : 220V
Power                                   : 35 W
Air Quality Monitor               : Color Display
Timer                                    : Four Levels
Modes                                  : Three Modes – Auto/Manual/Sleep
Noise Level                         : 35db – 55db
Clean Area Delivery rate     : 230 cubic meter per hour
Coverage area                     : 410 square feet in 30 minutes
Ions                                      : 1000000 ions / cc
Filters                                   : Pre-Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, True HEPA Filter,                                                             UV Light, Activated Carbon Filter, Cold Catalyst                                                             Filter, Ionizer